Between Wars

These are the 70s - and They Must be Defended at All Costs

Between * Wars

A Nostalgic Webcomic

Inspired by childhood life and popular culture in the 1970s. Because, let's face it: it was better. Especially in 1977 for some reason...

New World!

The day after star wars, in 1977 - comic page

Star Wars, Star Wars... everywhere!

Continuing on from the previous 2 strips: 9 year old Jack awakens to finds that his world seems quite different - after seeing Star Wars just the day before, in 1977!

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B*W Blog!

My Comic Production Process

16th Oct 2014

The basic production process of my comic strips.

The drawing and layout and lettering process starts with sketches. As you can see, after I sketched it, I had a go at a some bits in ink as a sort of dry-run. This is rare. Now take a look at the next few stages of production. I'll do Blog posts in the future detailing each stage as separate articles.


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