Between Wars

These are the 1970s - and They Must be Defended at All Costs

Between * Wars

A Nostalgic Irish Webcomic

detail of the Between Wars 1970s comic poster

Inspired by childhood life and popular culture in 1970s Ireland. Because, let's face it: it was better then. Especially in 1977 for some reason...

Ep.23: Some flippin' Guru you are!"

(WW2, Star Wars, Kung Fu, DC Thompson's Warlord Comic)

Fri, 4 Sept 2015

Jack embarks on a quest for enlightenment! 1970s irish comic page

Maybe Jack needs to decide for himself, when it comes to those big, important Star Wars questions?

Despite this ear, nose and throat bug - I hit the Friday-update deadline again. Whoo-hoo. (thank goodness for antibiotics)

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B*W Blog!

First 20 Strips Review #1: Faces/Characterisation

13th June 2015

comic strip faces

When I got to the 20th strip of the comic, I decided it was time to step back and review things. In this article on the artwork, I'm looking at the Faces & Characterisation.

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