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These are the 1970s - and They Must be Defended at All Costs

Between * Wars

A Nostalgic Irish Webcomic

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Inspired by childhood life and popular culture in 1970s Ireland. Because, let's face it: it was better then. Especially in 1977 for some reason...

For you 1970s kids, this is the comic you're looking for!

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Ep.30: An Unexpected Hallowe'en Fright!

  • Halloween
  • Frankenstein
  • 1970s interiors
  • The Mummy
  • Gary Glitter
  • Guising
  • Trick or Treat

1 Nov 2015

Jack, Noel and Jenny go around the houses in costume on Halloween night. And scare the neighbours quite to their surprise - 1970s comic page

A bit dark - and possibly controversial. But Hallowe'en is a creepy night, and we were let out, alone, in the dark, knocking on strangers' doors. Read into it what you will...

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B*W Blog!

Comic Production Process: creating 'Peace-keeper'

13th Sep 2015

An updated look at the production process of my comic. The previous blog post about the process « can be seen here.

"Where do you get your ideas?"

That most often asked question... The « Peace-keeper strip idea came to me in a flash, as usual, but this time as I walked with my wife, Gabby from one building to another. In the space of 5 or 10 seconds. I mentioned a kid who used to be in school with me, and suddenly I had the concept of the whole strip in my head. Some dialogue and lot of images (...)

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