Between Wars

These are the 70s - and They Must be Defended at All Costs

Between * Wars

A Nostalgic Webcomic

Inspired by childhood life and popular culture in the 1970s. Because, let's face it: it was better. Especially in 1977 for some reason...

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Oh, it's just British Decency old chap!

kids playing soldiers comic page

You get a bit of hand-on-heart honesty today readers.

This strip was born from a sudden mental image of kids taking prisoners during war-games - and subsequent musings upon my own experience when my family moved Ireland when I was 9.

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Latest B*W Blog Post

My Comic Production Process

16th Oct 2014

The basic production process of my comic strips.

The drawing and layout and lettering process starts with sketches. As you can see, after I sketched it, I had a go at a some bits in ink as a sort of dry-run. This is rare. Now take a look at the next few stages of production. I'll do Blog posts in the future detailing each stage as separate articles.


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